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The Barbuto Cookbook: California-Italian Cooking from the Beloved West Village Restaurant


A culinary exploration of Barbuto’s menu—a unique blend of rustic Italian and modern California cuisine—from legendary chef Jonathan Waxman.
There are very few New York City restaurants that have maintained their currency, quality, and charm for as long as Jonathan Waxman’s Barbuto. For the first time ever, The Barbuto Cookbook invites home cooks into the history, culture, and cuisine of the Greenwich Village dining spot that became both a neighbourhood favourite and a New York culinary destination. Jonathan and his team provide the necessary tools for re-creating Barbuto classics, including the famous JW roast chicken, the otherworldly kale salad, specialty pizzas, gnocchi, spectacular desserts, and much more. Every recipe is a flavourful restaurant showstopper adapted for straightforward preparation at home.


  • Format: Hard Cover.
  • Size: 9" x 11".
  • Pages: 318 pp.

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