Judy Coy began Gilded Lily’s in 1987, 33 years ago.

She began by selling her vintage accessories out of a friends salon. It was within a year that she moved into a tiny space at 185 Osborne Street, and has been in the village ever since.

photo of osborne st
photo of store interior

Judy has always enjoyed expressing herself through her environment and finds that inspiration can come from people and places that care for and present beauty. This may be different for everyone but she believes there is a common kinship to lovely places, objects and culture.

“I came across a woman in Mexico selling three beautifully polished lemons sitting on a blanket. I found inspiration in that as she only had a few left, but she also took pride, they were important to her.”

founder Judy Coy

“I have connected through conversation, product and commonality. Providing a place where one can go and relax while enjoying a different environment away from home, slowing down to peruse our curated collections and to have a chat!”