Silver Plated Solune Necklace


Solune, virtuous and without malice, promotes the blossoming of love and reconciliation. Let him charm you. Solune is a two-piece silver necklace set. The first necklace features a single rope chain with a sterling silver plated moon pendant adorned with coloured zircon crystals. The second necklace presents two layers of chains; one is short with moonstones and a silver sun pendant, the other is Y-shaped and has dangling coloured crystals.


  • Length of shortest layer: 15-17 in (38-43 cm).
  • Length of longest layer: 17-18.5 in (43-47 cm).
  • Length of pendant: 2.3 in (6.5 cm).


  • Sterling silver plated pendants.
  • Cubic zirconia coloured crystals.
  • Whitish Czech crystals.

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